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Happiness is not an illusion
It’s a vivid, brilliant expression of you: the authentic you, the you at peace, the you colored by your most compelling dreams.

Happiness Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator… Sharon Chumash
In her “Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal” workshop, Sharon shows participants how to adjust their happiness set-point and live life to the fullest.

You will learn to
  • Love What Is
  • Invite Opportunities
  • Communicate Freely
  • Honor Your Body
  • Incite Passion
  • Break Through Limits
  • … and set habits to celebrate and maintain your vibrancy and joy.

You can
    • Live passionately in the direction of your goals
    • Wake with vitality and energy, every day
    • Be present—completely in the moment
    • Find the joy in “enough”

You can

Tip of the Week:

Miracles and opportunities sometimes come in strange packages.  Be open and ready to receive any size and/or shape ”miracle package” and don’t discount or discard it just because it is not exactly what you are expecting.


“Sharon’s energy, insight, and style make an extraordinary impact”–Carol Merry-Shapiro

“I learned techniques to bring complete happiness into my work and personal life…today I am choosing to make shifts in the right direction”–Sandy McKeon

“The tools helped me build on a foundation of happiness that already existed”–Marcos Silva

“I was able to step back and get perspective on life and what is really important”–Amy Quicksall